First, let’s redefine “VA”. The acronym VA does NOT JUST stand for virtual assistant. We define VA as “Voiceover Adjacent.”

In our definition, a VA is NOT JUST supporting a voice talent, you are a RESOURCE PROVIDER. You might provide contract services in many areas (including: Lead Generation, Social Media, Audio Editing, Copywriting, etc.) to other businesses to enhance their productivity.

Which is where VA for VO comes in.

VA for VO is a new platform created by three full time voice actors who are also experienced voiceover adjacent specialists. We have years of experience, not just in the voice over industry, but assisting other creative businesses, leading teams in the fintech space, curating curriculum, managing social media campaigns, writing copy for websites, teaching business skills… heck, we’ve even taught yoga (well… one of us did). 

So we understand what it takes to add more streams of income to your life and run what amounts to multiple small businesses. We wish we’d had someone help us figure that out before we jumped in the deep end! Which is why VA for VO provides educational materials for aspiring voiceover adjacent providers to help them understand their skills, learn new ones, figure out their rates and schedules and communicate effectively with their clients. And then, the icing on the cake is that our community also includes VOs looking to hire and we can facilitate those connections!


Whether you’re interested in becoming a voiceover adjacent resource provider, or need to hire one for your busy VO business, we’d love for you to be a part of our community!

What happens when you join? Well, first.. YOU get education and YOU get education… EVERYONE gets education! (apologies to Oprah). We believe so strongly in “teaching a person to fish” that we are planning courses to help creative business owners like you succeed.

This way, no matter how much experience you’ve had supporting others, voiceover adjacent resource providers will all get courses as part of their membership fee to set them up for success. We’ll have a private FB group to find support and get your questions answered as you work with your clients, and we’ll also have in-depth dives available on lots of topics for optional purchase (but we know you won’t want to miss them!).

And we haven’t left out the VO members. For VO memberships, we have an in-depth course on exactly how to figure out the WHAT and HOW of outsourcing tasks in your business effectively so that you can focus on the ones you love and that generate the most income! 

But we’re not going to stop with education. We want to facilitate connections and help both membership types find or be the missing link that makes everyone successful! And as VOs looking to hire, when you come back to find even more VAs to help, we make those connections easy and affordable as well!

Best of all, once connected, you both can then proceed with interviewing, negotiating, and hiring. The VAs are never employed by VA for VO and we take no commission.  We just want BOTH of your businesses to be a success!


Email: Office@VAforVO.com