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Voiceover Adjacent Business Resources

Voiceover is a bit of a Freelancing rollercoaster.

What if you could find a way to bring in a steady, supplemental income, without having to leave the voiceover industry?

Overwhelmed with tasks for your VO business?

What if you could find an industry-experienced resource
to help?

Our community connects voiceover business with voiceover adjacent resources for project work or ongoing assistance.

And we educate them too.




All VAforVO memberships include hours of education, opportunities to connect B2B with other members and communities of VAs or VOs for support.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Voiceover Adjacent mean?

We coined the term Voiceover Adjacent to describe any and all tasks that serve any voiceover business that are not done in front of a microphone. Voiceover Adjacent income streams are earned doing something for other voiceover businesses.

What is VA for VO?

VA for VO is a member-based Voiceover Adjacent business community that offers both business education and connections for people who want to either outsource tasks for their VO business or create Voiceover Adjacent streams of income from assisting other voiceover businesses.

What is the hiring process like?

The hiring process is going to vary from VO to VO. VA for VO makes the connections but are not involved in the actual hiring.

VO members get over 3 hours of education on outsourcing decisions and working with a team and in those courses, we cover best practices for interviewing and hiring.

Do you take a cut once the VA is hired?

No. VA for VO is an educational community with the added feature of making connections between Voiceover Adjacent Resource Providers (VAs) and VOs looking for assistance. Once we’ve made the connection, the rest is up to the VO and VA to work out, B2B. We don’t take any part of the fees agreed to between the 2 parties.

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