“Oh, you’re a virtual assistant? How did you get started?” Miranda got asked this question a lot (and still does). At the same time, Brigid and Lynn get lots of questions from other VOs about their strategies for helping people decide what tasks in their business to outsource. So much that they teach an in-depth course on strategies.

It only makes sense, then, that these 3 friends and colleagues decided to get serious and put together a platform where people who are interested in being a VA and those looking to hire one but don’t know where to start can learn how to do it right. And VA For VO was born.

Education, connection, community. There’s a lot of that in the voiceover world, but not a lot in the voiceover ADJACENT world. We want to change that. Come be a part of it.


Miranda Ellis is a full time voice actor. Alongside voicing for a number of clients, she is also a busy virtual assistant to three top tier voice talents providing a variety of services from marketing to digital networking to direct emailing, maintaining systems, creating social media content and much more.

With a BA from Berklee College of Music, she has worked independently as a singer/songwriter, and also spent time working in the corporate world as a contracts administrator at United Talent Agency. She has extensive experience from working in social media management and marketing for multiple entertainment organizations and now brings that to both her own voiceover business and those of her clients. 

Miranda partnered with Brigid and Lynn in creating VA For VO because her time as a virtual assistant has been invaluable in growing her own voiceover career. There is so much opportunity out there and she wants to be a part of bringing the wonderful people in this industry together and helping them grow their businesses!


Look up hard-working voice over entrepreneurs in the dictionary, and you’ll likely find a description of Brigid Reale. For more than a decade, this Emmy award-winning voice actor and founder of Reale Voices has cultivated her career from mere aspiration to thriving voiceover business. She has lent her talents to some of the top brands across the globe. 

If there is one thing Brigid has learned in her short tenure in the industry, it is that building genuine, trustworthy relationships through authenticity is the secret sauce for a successful career in voice over. As both a voiceover artist and coach, she regularly shares her knowledge with the VO community, from veterans to beginners, helping them understand and navigate the creative world of business and marketing. 

Naturally, this led Brigid to partner with Miranda and Lynn to create a new educational and opportunity platform for voice actors who want to add streams of income to their small businesses by being a voiceover adjacent resource provider. Brigid can’t wait to see how our members grow!


Lynn Norris is a full-time working SOVAS award-winning voice actor, who has been the CEO/COO/Chief cook and bottle washer of her own voice over business for more than 5 years. After a long career outside of voiceover in the fintech space, where it was her primary responsibility to explain business requirements to software developers and development features and limitations to business stakeholders, Lynn believes strongly in “teaching you to fish”. 

In addition to voicing for clients, Lynn also provides voiceover adjacent services to other voice actors as a copywriter and audio editor.  And she’s becoming a regular presenter for voice over workout groups, organizations and conferences, teaching business skills and writing to other voiceover artists. 

So it was an easy decision to partner with Brigid and Miranda to create VA For VO – an education and resource community within the VO industry. Lynn’s very excited to help aspiring voiceover adjacent resource providers learn skills and connect with other VO professionals to grow that part of their entrepreneurial pursuits.